Writing gives me the power that I sometimes can’t seem to say with my voice. It’s been my “go-to” as long as I can remember. My style tends to blend professional with conversational. I write blogs, songs, books, ads, website content, professional documents, research papers, reviews… anything I can! My favorite is creative/descriptive writing.

Professional Writing

Writing for hire including web content, SEO compliant content, ebooks, manuals, white papers, and research papers

Creative Writing

Creative/descriptive writing, conversational tones, engaging, blogs, reviews, lists, 250 to 50k words

Published Author

My children's book, ``You Can't Read This Book (You Have to Sing It!)`` is currently available on Amazon.com.

Perfectly blurring the lines of professional and personal

Creative & Conversational

You don’t have to lose professionalism in order to make your content readable. I enjoy descriptive writing in a conversational tone, but still professional when necessary. There’s not a subject I don’t like to research and write – from books to white papers. Writing is what I do in my spare time, even after I’ve been writing for hire! I really do love it that much.

I write for myself and for hire. You’ll find my travel blog and marketing tips here on this site and even some of my songwriting under the music tab. I’m well-versed in SEO compliance and can handle your web content needs. I write everything from 250 words to 50k words. I offer professional services including white papers, ebooks, and web content as well as casual services such as blog writing, reviews, and lists.

While all projects are different, here are some standard price points.

Popular Services

  • SEO Web Content

  • $.20word
    • Native English
    • SEO compliant content
    • Original and human written
    • Precise grammar and punctuation
    • Headers, sub-headers, keyword enriched
    • No black hat tricks

  • Non-Technical Blog Writing

  • $.10word
    • Native English
    • Careful consideration of grammar and spelling
    • Original – no plagiarism
    • Creative, compelling, & persuasive
    • Conversational tone
    • 20 cents per word if SEO is included
    • 20 cents per word for technical writing such as medical
    • Research on topic is included in price

  • Creative or Ghost Writing

  • $.20word
    • Native English
    • Careful consideration of grammar and spelling
    • Original – no plagiarism
    • Creative content
    • Research on topic is included

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