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Leslie Wright

I’ve never wanted to blend in. As long as I can remember, I’ve just done things differently. The problem is not what society expects of you – it’s not allowing yourself to exceed those expectations.

Digital Marketing

Not wanting to be tied to an office, I started my own Web Design and Digital Marketing business in 1996. I studied SEO through a mentor in England, and have continued to work remotely as a freelancer/contractor since then.

Music Business

I started working professionally in music shows at age 6, performing nightly and touring in the winter months. I started writing songs at age 11 and was inducted into ASCAP at age 19.

Two Careers | Two Degrees

In 2014 I went back to college and received my Bachelor's in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. I then added a Master of Science in Digital Marketing from SNHU.

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What I’m Doing Now

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has always been extremely interesting to me. I’m a complete tech geek, and I love all things having…

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is another creative outlet that I enjoy. I design everything from logos, to t-shirts to billboards and…


Writing gives me the power that I sometimes can’t seem to say with my voice. It’s been my “go-to” as long…

Higher Education

In 2023, I began a new role as Digital Marketing Professor (remote). I currently teach at two universities…


Music is like breathing. It’s the most natural thing I do, and something I can’t live without. I love just…

Public Speaking

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If I could say I have a platform, it would be to show the world that there are no limits and that happiness belongs to YOU. I enjoy speaking to groups on how to accomplish your goals, how to market yourself to make things happen, how to break out of social expectations, and why nothing is impossible if you “own your happy”. I have visited high schools, colleges, and corporate offices to speak about digital marketing techniques, and how to build the life you really want.

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