The travel bug hit early around age 4 or 5… from motorhomes, to pageant trips across the states, to tour buses. Currently, I have a bucket list to visit 21 beaches across the world and “touch the waters”. I’m obsessed with water, oceans, lakes, boating, swimming, water sports… anywhere I can touch the water. It’s my happy place where everything just feels right. Until I can visit the places I hope to see, I’ll be writing about them in my travel blog.

Bucket List… 21 Beaches.

Touch the Waters

The water gets me… and travel calls me. I have always loved the water, and nothing brings me more peace than being near it or in it. I spend every minute I can in my pool or on my boat at the lake. Recently, I’ve felt a huge push to travel, and it hit me that there are so many bodies of water I haven’t seen or touched. I jumped on Google and started looking at beaches I felt drawn to visit. Within about an hour, I had 21 beaches across the world that I needed to see.

I enjoy researching and writing about these places, and I plan to document them as I have the opportunity to visit. I fully believe in having big goals in order to make life more fun. I’m always open to touching any body of water I can, and I welcome your ideas and input on places I should see!

Touch the Waters (Blog)