Higher Education

If you provide students a learning experience where they're free to be themselves, you'll find yourself learning from them as well. Education is incessant!

Marketing Professor

Currently teaching digital marketing courses at Sofia University and Champlain College

Music Professor

Over 30 years in the music business and a degree from Berklee College of Music

Course Author

Author of ``Real Time Media`` for the Digital Marketing Program at Champlain College

Building confidence and encouraging creativity…

Education is Endless

I’m not your average professor, and I say that with pride! I enjoy thinking outside the box, allowing students the freedom to be themselves, and encouraging learning in the real world rather than through textbooks alone. I feel that every student has a unique perspective to offer this world, and I enjoy embracing individuality in the courses I teach.

I believe the most important goal is to build confidence while teaching students to think for themselves, stay excited to always learn more, remain open-minded to others’ thoughts and education, be respectful and humble, and take responsibility for their contributions to the world.

I’m almost always looking for more courses to teach in both the music and marketing sectors. I’m available for remote part-time or adjunct positions.