Customer Breakthrough Package!

Know EXACTLY how to reach your customer with a Customer Breakthrough Package!

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One of the biggest problems I see in marketing is that there isn’t a real understanding of what needs to be done or what goals need to be met.

I recently had a client who was publishing blogs and social media posts, but he didn’t know what demographics were reading them. There is nothing more costly in marketing than marketing blindly!

Let’s talk about social media for a second. Do you ever feel like you’re just throwing stuff out there and hoping it sticks? Trust me, I’ve been there, too. But guess what? There’s a game-changer in town, and it’s called the “Customer Breakthrough Package.”

The VERY FIRST thing I do for any of my marketing clients is a full buyer persona and demographics research package that I create myself explicitly tailored to their business. This is something every business should have and should refer to every time a marketing campaign begins.

On average, these cost $10k to $25k each. However, I’ve programmed AI to do some of the research for me, which considerably shortens the time. I’ve taken my marketing knowledge and combined it with my love of AI to create these reports for just $4500 (only $1500 down). Finally, everyone can afford to have a level playing field when it comes to promoting your business.

So, picture this: you post something, and instead of it disappearing into the void, it actually speaks directly to your ideal customers. Sounds amazing, right? Well, that’s exactly what this package does.

First, it helps you get to know your customers like never before. I’m talking deep insights—their likes, dislikes, and what makes them tick. Armed with this information, you can create posts that really hit home.

But it’s not just about knowing your customers—it’s about connecting with them. And that’s where the magic happens. See, our package helps you craft content that feels like it was made just for them—no more generic stuff that nobody cares about.

But here’s the best part: you can actually get yours FREE. How? There’s no gimmick. This package is $4500. Pay $1500 down, and I’ll put the rest on a monthly payment plan. Now, for anyone you refer who also purchases this package, I discount your remaining balance by $1500. *Refer 3 people and you’ve just gotten yours free. Want to refer more than 3? Great! I’ll send you $1500 per referral. Payment comes straight to you through PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo.

So, if you’re tired of shouting into the social media void and ready to see some real results, the “Customer Breakthrough Package” is your new best friend. Get started right now! Questions? Call or text me at 870-393-2222

What’s included in the package?

5 Buyer Personas

I'll create 5 buyer personas that encompass your targeted demographics. Now, instead of thinking about a huge number of people, you can focus on just 5 people that represent the major segments of your total audience.

10 to 20 Page Breakthrough Report

Your Breakthrough Report will tell you very specific details about your demographics including what social media platforms they utilize, how they like to receive content, and even what types of content to post!

Special Request Section

This is an area that you can request that I research more in depth. Typical requests are things like ``would my buyers likely attend a speaking event?`` or ``would a podcast work for my audience?``